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What is ATIRS?

The US Army Aberdeen Test Center (ATC) is the system manager for the Army Test Incident and Reporting System (ATIRS). This system is designed for database housing of Army performance, RAM, ILS and TIR information for both the Operational and Developmental testing community and DoD contractors.

ATIRS contains databases and software that assist in the gathering, storing and reporting of all related Test Incident Data, including Corrective Actions (FACARs), daily missions and servicing, in accordance with DA PAM 73-1. ATC has developed tools to work with ATIRS that will greatly enhance the complete reporting process.

The primary subsystems are:

  • Observer Data Input Nexus (ODIN) for data collection and collaboration
  • Repository of Information for Testing and Analysis (RITA) - Oracle database for data warehousing
  • Cognos Business Intelligence Tool for retrieving and reporting on test data

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Army Test Incident and Reporting System, 2015

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